I’m having my very last nap in an airport, at least for a while….. And my thoughts fly back to the beginning of our fantastic journey, almost 10 months ago. I’ve got loads of memories, for sure, but I’ve got a special one to the people I met, from HK to NYC. To you guys, I say MERCI, and to you guys, I write this post in English, so you won’t have to get an app or whatever to translate.

  • Mandy, thanks for all your gifts (I would not even consider to eat without the cutlery you offered me!), and for leading us around the amazing maze of Hong-Kong…
  • Julie & Roger, I had some great time with you guys, thanks again for spotting a picnic area so close to a playground!
  • Richard & Willy, I did enjoy a lot the restaurants we went together, in Palm Beach and in Muri, as well as your fantastic moustache (that’s for Richard, of course…)…
  • Caleb, you’ve been my first boyfriend, and I assume I’ll remember that all my life! Mom and Dad enjoyed your appetite too, and Dad the surf session. Thanks again for your artwork, I’ll hang it on a wall as soon as I’m at home!
  • Haize & Uhain, alias Vague et Vent, mes copains de bacs à sable de Rarotonga. Ma première expérience scolaire a été avec vous, sans parler de la noix de coco rapée, croquée… Bises à vos parents!
  • Véronique, Paul & Emmylou, my only regret is to have met you folks too late… The 3 of you are a great and generous family, And I now know Queenscliff would for sure be a great base camp for re-discovering Australia when I’m a little older!
  • Peter, Heather and family, Adelaide was funny too, my bedroom was like a children’s paradise. Thanks for letting me play with all those toys, and for letting me meet Harper! I hope that Kylie‘s now in better shape, and that Port will someday win another Grand Finale.
  • Teresa & Norman, a special mention to you guys. The food was perfect!!!!! I’m kidding; I loved the way we met, and I’m sleeping every night with Froggy, the plush frog you offered to me. I hope Norman is riding his bicycle again, and that you’ll keep on enjoying life in your aussie way!
  • Marc & Sue, we met by chance, and you saved a part of our journey, with a simple coat hanger….. Dad will always remember breakin’in his own car, and we’ll remember too the great time spent with you in the vineyards, and in Brighton. Say hello to Julie & Santi for me
  • Cathy & Arch, sorry for not having made a swap with you, I hope your stay in France met your expectations. You guys (well, especially you, Kathy!) were a little part of France, back in South Australia, and I’ll long remember my birthday cake and presents as well!
  • John, First thank you for shuttling us from the airport! And then for spending so much time with us, for sharing all that good wine, and for welcoming my Grand-Mother Roberte too! Hope Stéphane will succeed in publishing one book too.
  • Bob & Diane, not meeting you was a pity, but I know you are very good people, as Roland & Josette miss you SO much! Thanks for that great swap!
  • Martin, your Kiwi hospitality was over the call of duty, and I felt simply happy to shout ON-ON, on that first New Zealand’s night. Your tips were fantastic, and thanks to you, we almost never got lost!
  • Simone & Arend, Chance was on our side when we met in that Te-Anau’s campground’s kitchen! I instantly felt the good vibes, and I’m so happy Mom’n Dad keep on staying in touch with you guys! Just come and ski in the French Alps, we’ll be delighted to share some more time with you guys!
  • Ashley & Steph, Thanks for thanks for your great welcome too. Your houses were fantastic, and I loved the old time toys I played with! Dad will always remember his surf session in Onemana too! I’m so glad to meet you again next summer!
  • Amélie, my buddy, I miss you so! You parents are great too, and Mom’n Dad had a fantastic day spent with all of you. Dad is now an accomplished stand-up-paddle-boardrider, thank to your Daddy! Say Hi to Wolf and the others for me!
  • Holly and Peter, that long walk and chat in Devonport were amazing, and I enjoyed it very much. Your neighbourhood is great, and both your lives were so interesting! Peter, your tips about the local architecture were priceless, too. Thanks!
  • Sandra and family, mahalo for your aloha! I did love your hot tub, this is for sure! And eating very locally grown food was fantastic, you remember I’m a food lover… See you next summer!
  • Alain et Myriam! Tes histoires de loup Alain, ne me manquent pas plus que ça, mais votre compagnie était vraiment chouette, petit bout de France au bout du monde! J’espère que Pantoufle pense encore un peu à moi, et j’espère surtout que vous continuez d’être heureux! Quand PaMan ont les yeux qui brillent, je sais qu’ils pensent à une plongée avec toi, Alain!
  • Sue, Greg and Jakey, sharing the house with you guys was a fantastic experience. I’ve rated Jakey’s room best bedroom of my journey, was like a horn of plenty, toy wise! You definitely know what a warm welcome means, and I love that!
  • Allen, meeting you was great, too! I’ve finally spotted a lonely whale off Sans-Souci Beach, on our very last day in HI, thanks for givin me the idea to look for them! Hope we’ll meet again!
  • Emma! J’entends encore parfois ta petite voix m’appelant le matin, depuis le haut de l’escalier! Nous recevoir ainsi pendant tout ce temps fut pour nous tous (je parle aussi pour PaMan) un vrai bonheur! Continue de bien grandir, de bien t’occuper de Hugo, ainsi que d’Encore tes Parents! Je me réjouis déjà de te revoir en Juin! Greg, ne trouves-tu pas ce blogue transfiguré depuis qu’il est justifié?
  • Thomas, mon cousin d’Amérique, enfin du Canada, enfin, de Caussade. Encore une belle rencontre autour d’une assiette!
  • Barbara, j’ai adoré partager mon assiette avec toi! enfin, que toi tu partages avec moi! Mais je n’oublie ta main gentillement prêtée également à notre rencontre avec les éléphants du National Museum.
  • Last but not least, Rebecca & Adam, I’d like to meet you too! But I do know that Mom’n Dad are so fond of NYC that they’ll bring me there again, the soonest the best! Cheers.

Luv U all,



2 réflexions au sujet de « THIS IS THE END….. »

  1. bonjour, Nicolas (le père de Julia, la petite fille qui l’année d’avant Alix a fait le tour du monde en 11 mois: blog « les yeux de julia »)
    votre article me rapelle des sacrés souvenirs…ceux de quand on franchit la porte d’entrée, avec la joie de retrouver ses proches, mais le ventre serré de ce dire que demain, il faut remettre en route « l’avant ».
    je veux donc vous dire que le retour aura été pour nous l’une des plus belles parties de l’expérience, et que notre plus bel échange fut…notre maison! (il est vrai que nous avions encore 1 mois de libre…)
    par contre, le voyage a vraiment commencé…au retour. LE vrai voyage, celui des décisions de fond, celui des changements. LE tour du monde n’était que l’apéritif.
    alors surtout profitez de ces jours, des retrouvailles, et n’hésitez pas à proclamer que le voyage continue encore un peu, à la maison…
    bonne chance!
    Nicolas, Karina, Julia.

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